Norton Utilities Tour
Symantec Corporation, 1997

This was the last sizeable video animation project I got to do before being put on a steady diet of icons and wizard bitmaps. Eventually, I had to leave Symantec in search of more interesting work and in pursuit of my true love: game development.

As with the viruses video, I was given nothing but the dialog track to work from, and I again got free reign to dictate visuals.

I was quite familiar with the product, because I also got to design the main interface. Known as the "Integrator", I had to do about THIRTY-FIVE different designs before the management settled upon the design seen in the video. It was the seventh design I had done for them.

Because NU was a set of tools working together, I came up with using a gear as the unifying symbol for NU. The gear symbol was very successful and was subsequently used for the SystemWorks set of products.

Some of the Tools Used:
3DS Max 2
PhotoShop 4
Premiere 4.0


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