PC Handyman
Symantec Corporation, 1996

PC Handyman was Symantec's first and possibly last multimedia product. It set forth to do everything right that Microsoft's Bob missed in providing a helpful computer expert to assist the user.

I was given the task of designing the main character, and also animating the intro video, along with the other 30-some minutes of instructional 3D videos I had to do.

I designed about 7 or 8 iterations of the character. They eventually picked the third one I had done, a fit but friendly (non-threatening) looking guy with blue glasses.

I animated most of this clip, except the aggregation of computer parts in the beginning and the baby solving the Rubik's cube. (I had done a baby scene as well, but my baby was "too fat".) My portion of the intro animation was done in two weeks with mostly DOS tools.

Some of the Tools Used:
3D Studio Release 4 for DOS
Deluxe Paint
Premiere 2

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