Adam Blaster: Atomic Enforcer


Atomic Enforcer HQ

(Screenshot from cinematic)


Nestled secretly in a deep space nebula, the Atomic Enforcers HQ has quietly existed for centuries and has produced some of the best and most lethal Atomic Enforcers that the Quad Galaxies have ever known. With the help of long-time friend Mara Kane and disguised as a prisoner, Adam Blaster must make his way into the Computer Core deep within HQ to obtain evidence in his quest for justice.


Adam follows Mara through cadet quarters, where they try to figure out what happened.


Adam puts on an experimental suit and take it for a test run.

  Computer Core

Adam must fly through dangerous conducting arcs and fight droids to retrieve data within.

  Ventilation Ducts

Adam must escape through the station's ventilation duct system.

My Journey Began Here.

The levels of the HQ were amongst some of the earliest ones created. There were many many revisions and re-designs, but ultimately a very interesting and innovative style evolved from all of the exploration.

During the period in which HQ was being created, the technology behind the game was also evolving. Initial designs were constrained by polygon-count limitations of the earlier engine code. As time progressed and the engine's speed and power opened new doors, re-designs, rebuilds and new implementations were done to get the most out of the game engine's capabilities.

Render Where?

In the nascent stages of the project, there was talk of developing our own rendering engine. After some consideration, we decided to do some research and use a rendering middleware solution instead. We sifted through the possibilities and eventually decided to go with Criterion's RenderWare. With a reasonable price-point, multi-platform capability, and proven performance in countless games (GTA III, anyone?), it was evident that we had made the right decision.

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