Adam Blaster: Atomic Enforcer

Developed at Creative Capers Entertainment
Publisher: Pan Interactive
Genre: 3rd Person 3D Action Adventure
Platforms: PC, GameCube

Using advanced technology and futuristic weapons, players search the galaxies for deadly criminals and retrieve these fugitives from alien worlds for financial gain; bringing them back, dead or alive.

A Plethora of Lessons Learned

Working on this game at Creative Capers with some truly talented individuals was an awesome experience.

I attained a busload of knowledge and experience from this project, acting as the Lead Application Engineer as well as Level Designer at Creative Capers. Developing this real-time 3D game was an amazing adventure for all of us.

Tour of Duties

Because we were composed of a small team, all of us had to wear many hats during development. Below are the hats that I wore for Adam Blaster Atomic Enforcer

Lead Application Engineer: The duties of the lead application engineer were numerous and multi-faceted. As Lead Application Engineer, I found myself involved in almost every aspect of the game, doing all of the following at one time or another:

+ Writing tools in MaxScript to export game assets for the game engine.
+ Engineering universal visual effects classes in C++. (Lightning, etc.)
+ Engineering universal creature sensing and locomotion classes in C++.

+ Interfacing with artists & engineers to ensure asset compatibility with engine.
+ Devising & programming interesting AI and combat tactics for creatures.
+ Programming many of the game levels themselves.
+ Doing my best to boost team morale with goofy antics.

Level Designer: I got to work with art director Duane Loose and principal game designer Ward Makielski to design and execute many of the game's environments with 3D Studio MAX. Tasks included the following:

+ Extracting gameplay scenarios out of the given story line.
+ Designing and building world geometry.
+ Testing gameplay viability of visual designs. (Hallways too tight? etc.)
+ Ensuring proper scale of objects and environment.
+ Refining flow of player progress through levels. (Creatures too dense/sparse?)
+ Determining points of interaction and game play through out the levels.

In addition to the main duties I also got the opportunity to do some sound effects and dialog processing. It was very rewarding to be granted the opportunity to shape so many parts of a game.

Some worlds from the game:

Atomic Enforcer HQ:
Adam must infiltrate his home to clear his name. 

Chroma Trondheim:
A seedy alien underworld harbors the first fugitive...

Arcturus Tombstone:
The trecherous mining outpost full of lethal surprises reveals the most sinister secret of all.

Inner Sanctum:
A Fight to the Finish.


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